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Metallica- Sell Outs or Great Metal Band?
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Do you believe Metallica is a sell out band, or a great heavy metal band? Debate here.


[jimmyjames] Tuesday, June 28, 2011 4:31:49 AM 
Ok, who are the greatest American metal band ever then? (Don't say Mushroomhead either).
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[.] Monday, June 27, 2011 1:47:31 PM 
 Metallica is still a great metal band. 

They toured the world extensively at the time of the Black Album and finally did shows in countries where they should have gone to 10 years before. People still love them and they put on a great show. 
I don't think they are sell outs. I think that they probably got burned out of touring so heavily at some point after the B.A. The fact that they have taken a certain stand against copying and such didn't go so well with me either, considering that free copying of their material was what got them their fan base to begin with. With the new internet era, it's time to adapt. 

Musically, I think they need to have a fire lit under their ass and speed up their rhythm if they want to get at the heart of their beginnings. That Danish muffin needs to see a lot of Tommy Aldridge and finally learn how it's done.

[Budred] Monday, June 27, 2011 7:08:04 AM 
I think after the "Black" album they did get a little lazy. There at least didn't seem to be much of an effort to put out
heavy metal records anymore. The "Load" album proved that with garbage like "King Nothing"  and "Hero of the Day"
and a number of other shit songs on that one. "Re-Load" was a little better but still not up to par with their early material.
I think these two albums started their slide towards suckdom. Then too much experimentation killed them. They were the
greatest "American" metal band for a period. From "Load" on, not even close.

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[Becks] Monday, June 27, 2011 1:49:10 AM 
I agree with pretty much all of this JJ. The Black Album is actually a cool album, it came out at exactly the right time as you say. St Anger is a pile of dog turd, the tinny sounding drums and everything make it pretty forgettable and I think the band would rather forget it LOL! Death Magnetic I also found blegh, too pretentious for me, I got very bored listening to another massive instrumental. They definitely tried getting back to their 'roots', and props for trying, but shit they can do better than that I reckon.

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[jimmyjames] Sunday, June 26, 2011 6:10:06 AM 
One of the best metal bands there has ever been. Definately the best American metal band ever. The Black album wasn't sellout and it definately wasn't lazy, they worked hard on that and got a huge sound happening. It's success was based on being the culmination of 10 years hard graft. They had been building momentum all that time. Justice had sold something like two million copies so by the time Black was released metal was being accepted in the mainstream. Black just hit at the right time and took Metallica over the top. After that they just wanted to take it in a different direction and it didn't really work. Load and Reload are fucking great American heavy rock albums though, there's some killer stuff on both of those. The Symphony thing is a bunch of pretentious shit but it's not a sellout, it's actually a risk, again to do something different. St. Anger is an abortion. Probably the worst album by a major act ever. Just crap, and if you watch the Some Kind Of Monster dvd you can see why. Egos and money and fuckwits like Bob Rock and that shrink thinking they were actually in the band was hideous. The whole album was a trainwreck and an embarrassment. Death Magnetic I think is pretty shit as well. They are trying to get their oold heavy sound back but at the same time they are trying to "out heavy" bands like Machine Head and it's not gonna happen. What they need to do is go back to listening to the old British metal albums of the 80s like Maiden and Diamond Head and Venom and Motorhead that they used to listen to and just speed that stuff up. That's what they did best and that's what the sound they are trying to recapture was.  
[Budred] Friday, June 24, 2011 7:11:44 PM 
Everyone has an opinion as to what makes a "sell-out".
To me it's making an album set to someone else's standards for greater record sales.
I'm not convinced Metallica did that I just think a little fame, a little laziness, and a desire
to experiment changed their sound. I like the "Black" album, it was the "Load" album they
never recovered from. Then they "Re-Loaded" which had some good songs but still had a
lot of crap on it. Then the Symphony thing. WTF was that? They heavied it back up with
"St. Anger" but that god awful hollowed out sound ruined it. I think that was too much for
their fans. Death Magnetic isn't bad but who's listening? Now listen to the "Big Four" DVD
and you'll hear that now they aren't capable of performing especially James. I've seen
Metallica 10 times but I never will again. I bought everyone of their albums but I'll never buy
another one. (Actually, I stole "Death Magnetic". ) Anyway, their time has passed.

Opinion of Budred,
it only matters to Budred. (LOL)
[kman1759] Friday, June 24, 2011 9:02:29 AM 
 In my opinion, Metallica did change their sound with The Black Album. Whether you call this selling out or not, this was a very important moment in their career, making them what I think is mainstream metal. Now if people listen to Metallica, who is more mainstream, they may move on to other metal since they like Metallica. Having a mainstream metal band to introduce people to metal is important. But even if the Black Album was a sell-out, they don't really sell out anymore. St. Anger is hardly a sell out album, even their newest album is not.
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