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British Steel - not that good shock!!!
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Read these 3 star Amazon reviews & tell me what you think.


[You Don't Know What It's Like!] Thursday, June 16, 2011 3:35:13 PM

1: "With the exception of Point of Entry this is Judas Priests weakest album. I remember distinctly the disappointment expressed upon its release after the excellent Unleashed In The East live album and Stained Class. Yet British Steel now (20+ years after release) seems to be heralded as not only a Judas Priest classic but a heavy metal classic! Not so........

It's not bad; it just isn't anywhere near as good (great, brilliant..whatever) that some later day Priest fans and press seem to be stating.

The songs are simplistic - with more than a nod and a wink at early seventies 'anthem' songs by people such as The Sweet, Slade, Suzi Quatro and Wizard - the production and general feel is very "boxed-in-studio" if you know what I mean; with no live excitement. The lyrics also border on the "metal by numbers" approach of lesser bands.

Yes Judas Priest maybe metal gods but it is their other albums that you will have to listen to verify this."

"Lauded as the greatest album Judas Priest ever made, I was personally pretty dissapointed with British Steel. Whilst I concede that it's getting on a bit, most of the songs are let down by poor production values and overly simplistic drumming. Tellingly, Judas Priest have now overhauled many of the tracks present here for their live set (as the version of Rapid Fire on '98 Live Meltdown' shows), and the originals sound tame in comparison.
'Breaking The Law', and 'Living After Midnight' are classics, and I think you could quite reliably make a case for 'United' influencing the thrash genre, but nothing else stands out for me. Try before you buy."

3: "What can I say? Judas Priest are one of the biggest and most influential bands in the history of Heavy Metal, and as a very large number of fans and critics alike would have you believe, ‘British Steel‘ is their greatest work. However, compare it with some of their other releases, and it sounds incredibly tame.

The opener, "Rapid Fire" isn’t bad at all. Particularly fast and energetic, and containing some awesome solos, it’s a great way to open the album, but unfortunately not a sign of things to come. The next track, "Metal Gods" chugs along well enough, until the chorus comes up. It’s boring, unnecessary, and it baffles me as to why it is revered as a classic. There is probably no point at all in mentioning "Breaking the Law", as there is no–one in the world who is fit to call themselves a metal fan if they haven’t heard it. However, along with the excellent sing–along "Living After Midnight", this is the best track on the album.

The rest of the album is above average, but completely unessential, containing none of the energy Priest but into their later works. It’s entertaining, but definitely not deserving of ‘classic’ status.  

Yes, Judas Priest were Metal Gods. However, this is not them album which earned them this accolade. I’ll be sticking to Painkiller, thank you very much."

4: "Everyone is saying how great this album is and that it's one of the best metal albums ever, well it's not. Granted it does have some kick ass tracks on Like Breaking The Law, Rapid Fire, Grinder & Metal Gods the i'd hardly call metal. After those tracks it just gets boring. Why is this hailed as a classic why. Do yourself a favour go away from this and buy a real classic which is The Number Of The Beast By Iron Maiden. UP THE IRONS."

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