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should fans go to a downing less priest show?
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how can they go on?

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[J.D. DIAMOND] Thursday, May 19, 2011 3:32:59 AM 
If you don't like it,then don't go. Its that simple. Rob and Glenn do not care what you post,nothing is going to change here. A line has been drawn in the sand,those for the band with Richie Faulkner and those against the band without K.K. 

I'm on the side that is "for the band",and I don't want them to "iron out everything with Downing".....for what? So K.K. can ruin the next studio album by writting some Nostradamus bullshit again? Fuck that.   If you are against the band moving forwards then thats your right but don't come back here this time next year raving about how great the new album is without an apology,you'll be eating your words.

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[paorcamp] Wednesday, May 18, 2011 8:57:12 PM 
I guess it's a matter of perspectives. In my case, I've never got to see priest before because this is the first time they come to this country and I won't miss the chance to go and see my favorite band with or without KK. Of course I wish I could see all priest original members, but there's no way out this time and I'll try to make the best out of the show. Some others fans want to be with the band till the end of it all and regardless of the times they've seen the band, that says a lot because they're there in the good times and the bad times. IN MY OPINION (to avoid anyone saying I'm generalizing or that I'm wrong) those who are with the band ALWAYS are the true fans because they won't desert the band no matter what. In any case, it was kk's decision to step out. I guess that if the band would have said that they decided to leave KK out then that would be a different story.

long live    the Priest

[SLAVE ME] Wednesday, May 18, 2011 8:02:04 PM 
i don't know if i can go to a priest show without downing.  it was hard to watch them without halford, it's impossible to go if downing is not there.  this was a farewell tour, not a get to know the new guitarist tour.  they should have ironed out everything with downing and complete the tour with him.  this is just wrong and there hasn't been a satisfactory answer as to what actually happened.  i think the fans deserve to know because we helped make the band and keep it alive for all these years. 
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