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Priest on Rock Band
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[scthree05] Monday, December 06, 2010 6:58:10 AM 
haha, great post! I may steal the bike idea for my next rock band gathering! i have downloaded these songs also and its great fun to get a bunch of friends together and play. I have also thought that rock band should make downloadable characters for the game.
[Cp304] Sunday, December 05, 2010 2:48:00 PM 
I just copped the british steele live last night on ps3.. me a friend had a blast (as usual)..  We rocked til 4:30am continually mixing all the tracks from the screaming for vengance pack and the new british steele pack and the other 3 from a touch of evil finally work with this rock band 3 (wouldnt work on the others for some reason)...  At one point.. my bud bud disappeard when screaming for vengance song started.. and i heard him rustling about in the hallway, but i was pretty smashed by that point and was more concerned of hitting all those damn buttons and not screwin up Glenns, KKs, or Ians parts..  So in the song is starting, but he surprises me by draggin out the stationary bike (like robb brings out the Harley in the 82 live Memphis concert).. so he's sitin on the front.. im lmao tryin not to miss the note.. at the end he even kicks it over and whips it with the mic cord...

So that brings me to this...  I would like the support of all you priest fans out here to help me with a movement for the Live in Memphis Tenn 1982 concert to be on the Rock Band game.. and if the actual characters were on it too (like in the VH game..except i dont understand why wolfgang was the bassist..), that would be totally kick ass, but just the live concert would be super.. see, that dvd has special meaning to us, as we at least once a month get together to get smashed and watch it as a warm up to our own version of the concert on Rock Band..

But this way, we could watch the dvd on one screen, and play the concert our selves on the other screen as we act it out as close as possible.. My bud is one hell of a rock band halford, and im pretty good at switching between Glenn and KK when on guitar and Ian on Bass.. The only things we would still need to do is get the outfits and wigs....
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