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Your Favourite band that has or has not drasticly changed there sound

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[british.steel] Friday, July 03, 2009 11:43:59 AM 
Id have to say ACDC....

..and you cant say Iron Maiden, because they started off sounding punk-ish with Paul Di'Anno, then got faster and more "metal" sounding with Dickinson, started using synth in '86 with Somewhere in Time, and Seventh son, and so on...they got a darker sound with blaze, and now are Progressive. so they had much evolution. But Priest has many many different sound changes, even late on in their carreer, that takes balls!
[pip] Friday, July 03, 2009 7:13:34 AM 
Great point Dime !!
I'm a big fan of Def Leppard too-& their sound has changed so much over 30 years--even to the point where they did a*rap* song--"Slang"--if that's what you want to call it--but I like them mainly for their ballads--*sighs*

Also Metallica changed so much that I just became turned off by them--they were "The Master Of Puppets" & now with a country song on 1 of their cds--I have all the cds with Cliff Burton & Jason Newsted but they drastically changed their tune--I'm all for a band to spread thier wings & fly but to be honest--some bands fall & some soar
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[Dime/UNDER BLOOD RED SKIES!!!!] Friday, July 03, 2009 12:24:13 AM 
Priest's was more of a slow and natural move to heavy speed metal, Sabbath was always heavy keeping the same sound over decades and incorporating a slightly different sound to each album. Bands like AC/DC and Motorhead kind of being immune to change, keeping there same sound changing it up just enough to have every album not sound the exact same. Almost all bands had to evolve out of the 80's to survive, i can't think of a single band who stayed glam after the 80's and kept their entire fan base, we have Cobain and Grunge to thank for that. Changing a bands sound can have dire consequences if their fans don't follow along with it, take poison for a big example.
        All and all my favourite bands evolution's is still Priest, no other band slowly evolved, still defining a genre of rock while arguably creating their own, known today as Heavy Metal. Although some would argue that was Sabbath's doing more than Priest's. Through adding a much more louder vocalist, and the twin guitar attack, that Metal is now more known for, while giving the world untouchable albums spanning over 4 decades. IMO Sabbath gave us the sound, Priest carved it, stamped it and spread it around the world.
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