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Judas Priest's Fan's Lyrics
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[Tania2194AD] Sunday, November 18, 2012 1:12:17 AM 
 Exotic or divine,
music for everyone
best radio F.M.(all day,all night-a.m. , p.m.) 
freedom is your brother,
power is your friend,
hard rock, heavy metal
it looks so great!!!!!

[Tania2194AD] Friday, November 16, 2012 7:32:50 AM 
 Fire on ice
silver in gold,
what do you want
of course rock'n'roll
this is your life
all what you wish
no one can't stop you
or say some bad word
'cause this your own world!
[Tania2194AD] Saturday, November 03, 2012 11:12:04 AM 
 Here, today and now Heavy Metal for everyone!
Born for rock'n'roll 
to live with metal
on stage of heaven
with your favorite members,
with your greatest band.
Hysteria comes inside of your soul,
you want it now and more.
Time is up,
enough for wait,
you should stay heavy and keep the faith.
You love it, you like it so much.
Do it, touch!
You feels flame, a big fire,
but don't forget
this is your desire.
Impulsive atmosphere,
dynamic rhythm,
you can't retreat,
you can't it stop.
Adrenaline is burnin' in your soul
and fever controlling all your own.
Stand at the edge of the world
with epic element that lives in your blood.
You fight, you believe:
" This is my life, this is my universe".
No one can't deny,
it's really magical and cool.
For all ages forever.
 It plays all day and all night
Heavy Metal for everyone!
[Tania2194AD] Monday, October 22, 2012 5:15:52 AM 
 This is the short story about JP band and its members. I used JP titles from their songs, CD's. All titles highlighted.
From Rocka Rolla to Heavy Metal, you will see the Giant of global music world ; it's perfect and intelligent, epic JUDAS PRIEST. They're Metal Gods who's rules in space of greatest art, who's heading out to the highway and riding on the wind with turbo power and rapid fire rhytm. One band for the road, they're not sinnersDefenders of the faith with heavy duty but it would always be the case if there is no Jawbreaker.
From Hellion comes  
Jugulator,the Monster of rock, trash, fear and death. All system is demolition. Ripper brings pestilence and plague. This Deceiver betray the Heaven and now his purpose, purpose of Exciter, destroy the ideas of this band and conquest the music's world. This is similar to Killing machine, like virus. It's coming, metal meltdown. Hellrider wants blood. Sin after sin and more - heavy metal burn in hell! But where is the brave Sentinel? He didn't want to deal with the devil and now he's into the pit, in empathy.His life is black. On desert plains he reminisce how he played, but all is turned to sand, this is diamonds and rust.When the night comes down, he's out in the cold, like the others members who's are alone too. Angel wonder why for what worth fighting for. Being in exiled his visions show him what is right in his misery.
Our Savior see the light. It's the prophetic Electric Eye: " Your time is come. Only you save the band. Take the gun and go for fight. Your silent screams and cry aren't help you. Your class is stained,the saints in hell, for everyone you are forgotten generation. You're Rocker, turn on your light. Ressurection bring you to your brothers. Rise from the beyond the realms of death.One will of crystal man decided all. Believe and you'll win. Kill the evil, you'll become immortal and never die". 
Angel: " If this is my crucible and destiny, and not all is said and done, my epitaph canceled. Time to live again. I'm coming home by thunder road, I'll delivering all, I'm running wild. Ride to live, live to ride, wheels of fire forever". 
Call for the Priest: This is the Painkiller. From blood red skies with thunder and lightning, with Armaggedon, you see the Leather Rebel (who's hell bent for leather). Night crawler is back, beware the beast in black. SCREAMING, SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE. Angel of retribution rise from agony and come with revolution and won't surrender. He was the victim of changes,but today enough. The power of Heaven help and protect from a touch of evil. No more Sad wings, they'll fly again. All guns blazing, it's time to pay for sins, for breaking the law. In demonizer Sentinel killed dissident aggressor, he's freewheel is burned. The Tyrant ram it down by Metal Messiah. Now the light comes out of dark. The Prophecy became real:"The last rose of summer never be forgotten or die, it always be alive".
Finally, war of words is over. The Chosen Few reunited, they're return stronger than ever. One on one stand the ground. The Evening star always guiding and shining them so bright. Now in Universe of Metal Rock dominate the Golden Judas Priest. No one can't stop them, they're never shall fall. Cross all borders JP take on the world. Metal Works of ideal Steelers unlimit and immortal. Fever returns to all fan. Everybody burnin' up and dying to meet them. So hot rockin' and living after midnight! Get into the spirit with JP and you're never satisfied like they. 
Painkiller: " I am alive. I am the one who's went through the fire and water, and challenged with rock talisman. In front of you different or maybe another Sentinel. I am the one Angel and my essential name ( remember it forever) -

[DemonCat] Wednesday, September 07, 2011 1:18:48 PM 

Screaming for vengence

A short story by Jeff "DemonCat" Tenly using Judas Priest song titles (highlighted in red).

NOTE: I know I posted this when I first created it, but for the new members since then, I feel the need to share once again.

from Beyond the realms of death, Judas is rising after years of torturing the Saints in hell. He is Delivering the goods neccesary for The Hellion to be able to Take on the world. The Hell patrol has reported that the Defenders of the faith on Earth are United somewhere in the Desert plains playing a Battle hymn to attempt to summon The metal Gods. Making a Deal with the Devil who has demanded Genocide for the human race. The green manalishi with the two pronged crown has prepared the Tyrant on the Island of Domination with a Grinder that has Wheels of fire. Upon the delivery of the Bloodstone, the Hellrider goes Heading out to the highway under the Evening star on his Killing machine to ensure the human race will be Burnin' up Before the dawn. Meanwhile the Call for the priest has been made and he is Running wild to reach the masses, and begin the ritual. While he's On the run he is confronted by Solar angels as the Night comes down. They proceed to tell him that he has but One shot at glory. They acknowledge that it is a Heavy duty to bear, but warn him to not fail if he wants to still be Living after midnight. They explain that there will be none alive to read his Eulogy or to place a headstone for his Epitaph if he does. They hand him the Last rose of summer, Diamonds and rust for the upcoming ritual he must perform, then send the Leather rebel on his way. He runs All the way to the forge at the center of the gathered crowd in the desert. Sweating with a Fever, he condenms the holy items to the forges flames, and places the Metal meltdown Between the hammer and the anvil to forge a weapon for the Sentinel, and dubs it "Demonizer". Then begins the ritual to summon the Angel. Just as he finishes the Devil's child appears, and cuts the priest down, bringing forth the Heroes end. Hearing the Prelude, and sensing the Evil fantasies of a Revolution. The Painkiller spreads his metal wings and flies to confront the Savage Invader. Upon arrival he bellows out "You've got another thing comin' if you think Some heads are gonna roll this night"! He grabs the forged weapon and in The rage, beheads the beast in one swift stroke! The crowd cries Don't go as he flies back towards the Heavens. He turns back to them and says..."Stand by for Exciter, for he will come and remain an Electric eye in the clouds to protect you from hence forth."
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