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[evilrob666] Tuesday, May 19, 2009 2:33:45 PM 
You are lucky you don't live in Vegas.  The prices you are paying are a bargain out here.  I paid 90 dollars last summer to see JP at The Palms hotel.  And that was cheap for that venue.  Most of the shows there range from $100 to $150....Kiss was over $300 a ticket.
[EJC_74] Friday, May 01, 2009 4:56:02 PM 
Well, I got my tix ordered this AM for the Wallingford, CT. show. & I am glad it's a smaller venue seeing as how we'll be sitting in the last section before the back wall! I know it's not the band dictating these ticket prices which is unfortunate as I am sure that Priest would not rip off their fans! I looked into the show in Mass, & the most expensive tix were $45, & the least were $35! Whereas in CT., the cheapest were $45, & the most expensive were $65!!!!! :o I wish I'd bought tix for the Mass show, but fig'd that the Wallingford show is way closer to us, & we all know how expensive gas is in the Summer-time! & we could just simply not afford the $65, or even the mid range
$55 tix right now! Esp. as we're taking my 2 teenage nephews w/us, as well; & we paid for their tix since they don't have alot of $ for such things. & as it was, it all 4 came to $230! :o It'd have been well over $300 if we'd gotten the $65 tix! GODDAMN these greedy prick bastard venues! & the service charges too! Yes, you get charged for the privilege of us selling you tix to a concert at OUR venue! Are they fucking kidding us? I know all venues, & whatnot do that, but it's fucking extortion! Esp. when they charge so much for the tix to begin w/!

But, if tix prices continue to climb like this for the big name bands we'll just have to settle for seeing them live on DVD! :(
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