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Thank God for 'youtube'... :D
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....dig it....

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[Justin Kenny] Thursday, January 15, 2009 11:42:14 AM's NOT another Nostradamus certainly do have enough of those floating around for new generations of site users to draw inference from; God knows...

...I was just inferring how useful youtube was in FAMILIARIZING me (finally) with how "Nostradamus"  is, as I've not yet been able to get my own copy...which, for the the longest span of time that's elapsed since a new Priest output was released and my being able to obtain one for myself...
[_strat_] Thursday, January 15, 2009 6:29:09 AM 
(I hope this isnt another Nostradamus thread... We sure had our share of those)

In any case, I agree, youtube is a treasure. Its where I first heard some of my favourite musicians, like Rory Gallagher, R.J. DIO, Ozzys solo stuff, Rhapsody... ect. Great stuff, because you can listen a "demo", a few singles from most albums out there, and then chose what to buy, without just grabbing a random CD from a band you heard from somebody else is great...

And of course, if it wasnt for youtube, work would be a lot more boring.
[Justin Kenny] Thursday, January 15, 2009 6:23:24 AM 
It's a whole new addiction for me.    If it weren't for youtube, I wouldn't be able to see some of this incredible live footage fans have been posting of the mighty Priest doing their thing over the past 7 months!!

Now...up until recently, the 'puters we'd been using here in the driver's lounge really weren't very user friendly when it came to witnessing vid clips and such that others would often share and display the links to....with the ones that are in here NOW however...Madonn''s like a whole new world is open to me.

What's been great too is...apart from all the live stuff...a lotta people have posted audio-only clips of many songs from "NOSTRADAMUS..."   courtesy of these,  I've managed to hear   Dawn of Creation/Prophecy,   The Four Horsemen,   War,   Exiled,   Death,  Alone,  Lost Love,  Pestilence & Plague,   Conquest,   Visions,   Nostradamus,  and  Future of Mankind  (some of which I'd already heard once or twice).

I have to say...."NOSTRADAMUS"  is an absolute masterpiece!!!      Even without having heard the whole thing in its proper order straight through yet....I'm absolutely over the MOON with what these guys have many many's ALL on this epic!!!!      So many moments Priest have captured on albums in their past  are totally re-visited on "NOSTRADAMUS"   and taken to new heights!!

Way I see it....Priest have been overdue for a Grammy....I sincerely hope they win one for the work they've done here....they earned it...they deserve it!!!      They've proven to me...yet again....they are the unprecedented, undisputed, and  peerless MASTERS of heavy metal music and the dynamic of its scope.

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