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first time you saw Judas Priest
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[pgmax351] Sunday, March 29, 2009 1:55:16 PM 
I saw them my first time in 1976 at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, TX. It was amazing! They opened for a band Called Black Sabbath.
[Soylentgreen4u] Sunday, March 29, 2009 12:16:58 PM 
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[Judas Lover***] Sunday, March 29, 2009 12:02:31 PM 

i saw judas priest for the first time last year in new york nikon jones beach i love them im waiting for them to come and visit where i am..

[TinaBean] Saturday, March 28, 2009 9:49:02 PM 
My first was 1981 in Boston, MA.  When he hit certain notes it made my spine tingle!  I will never forget that.  I have seen them 3 more times after that and loved each show.  Looking forward to the next one! 
[Judas pri3st] Friday, March 27, 2009 4:15:33 PM 
IN SWEDEN!! :D 1 mars! thay ROOCK!!
[Bozospeed] Tuesday, March 24, 2009 3:20:52 AM 
10/03/2009, Milan, Italy.Unforgettable!
[manunited] Monday, March 23, 2009 1:14:11 PM 

The first time i saw the band was 1977 in toronto, at the el macombo, it was unbeliveable sat in front  right in front of glen, passing him a beer, back in them days they were serving quart bottles, and of course a few dubbies, since 1977 i have seen the band 10 times, and they still kick ass, cant wait till the show july 9th

[Return_of_Darth_Painkiller_0870] Monday, March 23, 2009 7:11:19 AM 
That's great Juan!  Sad to say, I wasn't into Priest during my teen years (the 80's) and missed out on all of the brilliant Metal.
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[juanmasamos] Monday, March 23, 2009 7:04:19 AM 
Oh, I'm not so young but my first time was great: 1982 in Madrid (I can't remember if it was Defenders of the Faith tour...). Last time: 8 days ago, also in Madrid, Nostradamus and much more...
[DelivererofEvil] Monday, March 23, 2009 2:54:20 AM 
Hell yeah, damn right!
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[ron h] Sunday, March 22, 2009 10:46:35 PM 
Better late than never, my friend!!! 
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[DelivererofEvil] Sunday, March 22, 2009 3:17:30 PM 
And now for the contrast with the post before me:

Tuesday the 17th of March 2009 in Lisbon, Portugal!
[ron h] Sunday, March 22, 2009 1:58:02 PM 
September 21, 1982...Rosemont Horizon...I believe UFO opened up...SFV Tour...
[spapad] Sunday, March 22, 2009 1:19:08 PM 
1983, Januray,  Greensboro, NC          SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE!!
[webster] Sunday, March 22, 2009 1:08:43 PM 
[Sad Wings NYC] Sunday, March 22, 2009 12:48:03 PM 
Oct. 2, 1982  Priest & Maiden  M.S.G. - NYC what a show
[Phantom A6] Wednesday, March 18, 2009 2:24:02 PM 

1979 - Hannover, Niedersachsenhalle!!

[Pierre72] Wednesday, March 18, 2009 2:21:51 PM 
1988 Ram it down in Stockholm.
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[K2M] Wednesday, March 11, 2009 11:09:37 AM 
[soldierboy609] Wednesday, March 11, 2009 10:03:48 AM 
1979 in Columbus OH with Kiss, Great show
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