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Why Priest Feast again next year?
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[tasnam1] Wednesday, October 01, 2008 8:39:46 PM 
The marketing/management of the band has always been a cause for irritation with many of the members on the site.

We all are rooting for Priest to be larger each year but the management has always been perceived  as the bands own worst enemy.
[Justin Kenny] Wednesday, October 01, 2008 12:02:15 PM 
From what I see in the Tour Info,  Priest so far have dates slated 'til  mid-November...any missing slots could always be filled in potentially...and given that most of the UK missed out on what Priest started this summer,  it's possible that they're trying to make up for it much the way they did back in support of  "Angel of Retribution..."  when Priest did eleven dates in the UK.      The fact they have Megadeth and Testament opening up makes the package VERY's the same lineup of bands that played here in the States back in 1990!!      So, all told, those are going to be very historic shows!!

If no other shows come along after November 16th, Priest could very well take that time between then and the end of January off...since the holidays fall right in the interim....time will tell for sure....
[~ MG_Metalgoddess~] Wednesday, October 01, 2008 8:16:58 AM 

I cannot say for-sure, but I know alot of the fans in the UK were upset about the show they did do, it was kind of a monsters of rock show over there and tickets were very expensive.  over two hundred dollars from what I can remember.     And seeing that kenny and Glenn and Rob would try and do right by the fans from the UK since they are from there.. I guess I understand..    And I see that KK is producing a album also, for a band over there.

But yes I agree.. thier tour schedule is a exhausting one..  And Iam sure there will be more dates to make up for the inbetween times..    No rest for the wicked as they say...    I cant wait to see them again..  Hopefully thay wont fall asleep on stage.. from exhaustion...LMAo

Hugs to you 
Have a great wed.

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[Screamin' Demon] Wednesday, October 01, 2008 1:36:54 AM 
I don't get why the band's management has put them to play Priest Feast tour again next year in February. It's kinda ridiculous. Nostradamus was released in mid June, it would be about time they play the whole thing live early next year. Surely the fans by then will know most of the album off by heart. My original thought was that they were going to do a shortened world tour, doing a leg for Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and South America, and then do another shortened world tour, this time playing the whole album live. And instead of that, they're booked to do a pointless extension of the tour when they could be getting out there doing the magnificent theatrical Nostradamus shows by that time, which a lot of fans including myself are yearning to see. Sometimes the band's management really questions me,  if I was in charge of the management I know I sure as hell would do a better job. It's a pity that the band's management aren't actually fans of the band because if they were they'd be doing much better. To send them out on the road to do a short tour, playing a list heavily filled with fan favourites from the past and including two new songs to give them a little taste of the new stuff, instead of having them sit idle or having them do a full album tour too soon before the fans get to know it largely, is a great idea. But to extend such a tour beyond its needs is pointless, this band is fresh, they always have been, and the management should treat them as such, and not as a band looking back on its past. I hope that at least if they're going to do such an extensive tour looking back at the past catalog, there will be at least a DVD to accompany it. Fuck the management, and rock on forever Judas Priest.
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