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Priest in Yokohama & Tokyo
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concert reviews on Sep.28th & 29th in Japan


[Eternal Servant] Tuesday, October 07, 2008 8:51:01 AM 
Hi Maple,
The last extra show on Oct. 1st at Tokyo Furum was indeed thinly packed but the arena & 1st floor of Budokan on Sep.29 were packed. I couldn't see what 2nd floor of Budokan looked like from my seat. The one at Pacifico Yokohama was fully packed!!
The crowd of each show made some big noise!! Even thought the venue of the last show didn't have a big crowd, JP did a fantastic job as usual & they seemed impressed w/ a smaller crowd than that of other venues making big noise for welcoming JP!  

It's because of bad economy.  Politics affect metalheads' life, too... 
JP was FANTASTIC & that's the whole truth, nothing but truth so help me the METAL GOOOD!!!

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[Maple Syrup] Monday, October 06, 2008 2:48:47 PM 

You are welcome. Also, have heard that the Tokyo Japan show was thinly packed with fans. Any truth to that? MSyrup
[Eternal Servant] Monday, October 06, 2008 11:58:12 AM 

Arigato (Thanks), Soy & Maple Syrup! The ppl who uploaded the videos on YouTube are courageous ones coz the securities were so strict!! It seems there haven't anything uploaded from Tokyo area!!  
I've watched "Death" from the link & enjoyed watching Ian doing his action moving his base up & down around 2:38 / 8:51. During the shows, he didn't move from his spot except at the end of PK & YGATC but he looked cool!!! Rob can depicts emotions so vividly by singing better than anybody. Since '84, I've seen lots of major & minor bands & solo artists. JUDAS PRIEST IS THE BEST!!!!

[Soylentgreen4u] Monday, October 06, 2008 11:24:04 AM 
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[Maple Syrup] Monday, October 06, 2008 10:17:31 AM 
Cool YOutube from Osaka, Sept 2008. Death & Dissident Agressor. Nice sound and vid. Enjoy. MSyrup
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Edited at: Monday, October 06, 2008 10:18:18 AM
[Soylentgreen4u] Sunday, October 05, 2008 10:53:39 PM 


[Eternal Servant] Tuesday, September 30, 2008 8:06:33 AM 
JP's Yokohama show was PERFECT!!!This was JP's 4th show in Japan but man, Rob sounded soooo great!!! The set list was same as the one done in Korea, I think.
There was about 10 seconds of silence after applause for the performance of Death, but it often happens in Japan. Cultural difference??
Other than that, the crowd was absolutely great!!!

Angel was beautifully done!! The crowd sang Hellion big time & Electric Eye was of course one of the highlights! Rock Hard Ride Free was really good. KK was kickin major ass during Sinner's solo!!! Glenn was like that for Hell Bent For Leather coz he was shaking his head so fast repeatedly almost at the end of the song, a different kind of head bangging!!

Before YGATC, regular Ohoooo Ohooo Yeah plus 5 or different versions were done w/ the crowd!! Rob knows we are very good at them. One of them was almost like a Swiss yodel. haha  Even at the very end of YGATC, Rob did Ohoo Ohooo Yeah and  Scott's drumming sounded like Japanese Matsuri, Festival, kinda way!! 

Rob constantly changed the jackets. First one is the long metalic robe w/ a hood.
Other ones I can remember were long wine colored coat, denim sleeveless jacket w/ a Nostradamus patch, Black long leather coat w/ studs which is my favorite, the metalic jacket.

Rob sang looking at the crowds & he moved around constantly! Almost the end of the show, he did Michael Jackson's moonwalk kinda motion. Another interesting point is that Rob almost looked like danced w/ KK w/ funny hand motions back & forth!!

After YGATC, he jumped off the stage & start shaking hands w/ the front row crowds & he ran from the edge to edge touching the fans of the front row & went back on stage!!!

After the show, I waited at the backside of the venue hoping to catch a glimpse of JP. The security guards were very strict & didn't let anyone get closer to the members!!
When Rob passed by 50 meters away, I didn't quickly realized it was him. So I started screaming Rooooooob after he was out of my sight....
I guess Glenn heard the scream & he approached us saying "Do you have a pen?"
5 of the fans got his autograph!! I only could ask " How you feeling? How's the appendix?" He said he's feeling alright and said something like "you know thing pops out here & there..." I can't remember his exact words but I'm glad to see his smile!! He looks sooooo great!!!!!

Sep. 29th, BUDOKAN show was as great as the show yesterday. The crowd was so excited to welcome back JUDAS PRIEST!!!
Rob is so amazing!!! He sounded great as yesterday!!! Rob is definitely the best singer I've ever witnessed. Well John Sykes never let the audience down either. Other singers can't even do just one show perfectly! Rob constantly changed his costumes, more than I realized yesterday. During performing Metal God, it looked like he wrapped his head w/ a scarf.

He really looks cool when he waves the red flag during Between The Hammer & The Anvil! The first blast was at Metal God & the next one was BTL!! From Death to Angel, the crowd was really paying attention to listen to the performance rather than banging heads or rasing fists. The crowd sang Hellion well & got crazy w/ Electric Eye. I enjoyed watching Rob approached Ian during PK & headbanged together! At the end of PK, all the members were the upper stage & that looked sooooo coool!!!! As for Ohooo Ohooo Ohoooo Yeah, Rob let the crowd do that about 10 different ways!! The crowd today was better at the begining of YGATC coz everyone kept clapping until Rob started singing!! The final arrangement of that song w/ Ohooo Ohooo Yeah w/ the powerful drum beats sound soooo coooool!!
I wonder they did that on NA or Europe.

While the original Metal Gods got together in the center to say farewell to the crowd after the performance, Scott was at the edge of the stage trying to give his stick to a chick at upper level & that chick successfully caught it. Scott made the gods wait!!

One more show to go!  Hopefully other Japanese metalheads give you reviews soon!! Thanks for reading!
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