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Backward Lyrics
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Ok this was fucked up!

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[Bazookajoe_666] Friday, August 15, 2008 11:24:04 PM 
If you play Beyond the Realms of Death backwards, when Rob screams it at the end, he says "I took my life". Even on Live Insurrection some 20 odd years later it still does that.
[DemonCat] Friday, August 15, 2008 8:48:41 AM 
I must add here that many of the fluke "backwards tracks" are a stretch of the imagination. I had heard some on a record player that allowed you to turn the disc by hand, and some older reel-to-reels. Knowing what it was supposed to have said backwards made it easy to hear what one expected in the line. When heard with an open mind, and not knowing what they may "say" backwards...most are just garbled sounds with noises (voices) that sound like they may be words. The only exceptions to this are the ones done purposefully.

By far the most interesting to me was Prince's song Little red corvette album version. The intro was backwards garble. When played backwards it said "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I only want to have some fun." However the backwards line on the LP when played at the regular 33 & 1/3 RPM sounds slowed down, and in fact when you played it at 45 RPM, it then sounded like Prince's regular voice.
Edited at: Friday, August 15, 2008 8:49:42 AM
[Justin Kenny] Thursday, August 14, 2008 2:48:19 PM 
OMFG!!!!    Upon closer inspection of that listing DemonCat was good to share here, I just realized  AMY GRANT lyrics are on there!!!!

See??   It can even happen to artists within the Christian music sector!!!      Like Dime was fluke...other than those artists who PURPOSELY set out to make a backward message (like Slayer did in the intro to  "Hell Awaits,"   or the brilliant message   "Do not meddle with things you don't understand"   on  a track off  Iron Maiden's   'Peace of Mind'  album),   no artist/lyricist has the kind of time or understanding of syntax to fabricate forward lyrics that would intentionally have satanic implications when heard backwards... an ironic note....wouldn't it be a bitch if you heard messages like,   "Goooo to chuurrch....saaay your praaaayy-errrs....Jesus loo-ooovves yooouuu"    upon playing Deicide tracks backwards!!??? 
[Dime/UNDER BLOOD RED SKIES!!!!] Wednesday, August 13, 2008 7:42:42 PM 
I had no idea that it was that common, i was sure it was just a fluke, I was positive they didnt make their songs backwards first to fit the messages in then put it together again. That would take just way to much effort. It was just really werid the circumstances that the power went out that night, pretty funny really.
[Justin Kenny] Wednesday, August 13, 2008 4:52:31 PM 
I should think it'd be redundant as fuck to suggest that any lyric that appears to have any satanic alliegance when played backwards is nothing more than a coincidental, random event of happenstance.   As it is, the very complexity of the English language--given its syllabalic cadence, various ways words might get said or sung are BOUND to have a certain cadence when heard backward as well...I don't know about other languages of the world when it comes to this  "...metaphysical"  phenomenon,  but as DemonCat shared with that layout of lyrics that have their backward-masked counterparts, it certainly happens with the English language!

Having said this much, there's just as much to be said for potential innocuous messages that can be heard when playing select lyrics backwards.     Never was this better proven (along with what I'd said above about just how interestingly complex the syntax of the English language can be) than the time Rob Halford took the stand during the  "Vance/Belknap  vs. Judas Priest/CBS Records"  trial of 1991.     Right there...on the judge's bench, with a large boom-box,  Rob Halford took some of the research he himself had done (along with sound experts that represented the band) with lyrics from the  "Stained Class" album, and showcased how other songs on the same album had rather humorous  effect when heard backwards.     He played the choral line of  "Exciter" -- which we all know is   "Stand by for Exciter...salvation is his task..."    he informed the courtroom and all in attendance of this, and played it so everyone could hear it....THEN...he played it which,  everyone heard,    "I asked for a pepp'rmint....I asked for her to get one."      Another track  (Rob seems to think it was  "Invader") had a lyric that when played backward sounded TOO much like,   "Hey Ma!   My chair is broken!"       For those who may have seen the  "Dreamer Deceivers"   documentary about that very trial, along with the nature of modern struggles and the youth that face them and the ongoing day to day  struggle that the Vance family were contending with (at that time),  you could literally see the judge's face dutifully assessing what Rob was demonstrating to be true...that whole bit of Rob's testimony pretty much put to rest what the plaintiffs had been trying to build about Priest's lyrics being less than family-oriented and satanically inclined.
[DemonCat] Sunday, August 10, 2008 10:28:38 AM 

[Dime/UNDER BLOOD RED SKIES!!!!] Saturday, August 09, 2008 6:23:26 AM 
Alright this was really messed up, I never really believed or even really heard anysongs played backwards.I dont really think it had anything to do with the situation, but it sure seemed strange. I was sitting at work with my supervisor after our shift, its like 2 in the morning and i'm showing him some Halfod and Arch enemy videos on youtube. He tells me about Stairway to heaven backwards and it shows you the lyrics written out while playing it backwards. So he plays the video and i gotta admit for some of it sounding retarded and not making sense, alot of it really said some fucked up shit, about like Satan and stuff...very strange almost really sound like what he's saying, or maybe just a little like the words but in truth not even close i dont know. But anyway, it says some stuff and then it says 666, not even joking the next sentence and the power goes out. The generator lights turn on and my supervisor, grabs my arm scared and pissing his pants says not to go anywhere, we eventually left after he swore he heard footsteps above us, when we knew there was no one in the building but us. We find out the whole block was out of power. Anyone else have any messed up stories about backward lyrics in songs. I've heard of many different bands that supposedly have messages in the songs when played backwards, thats the only one ive ever actually heard besides slayer's " su nioj" at the begining of Hell awaits. Anyone hear of any others?
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