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Funny Priest-related stories
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Any story you think is funny that happened because of/listening to/ JP


[crypticangle] Wednesday, July 16, 2008 7:59:24 AM 
It's great what you did --I only wish I could've been there to see that !!----I pre ordered the Nostradamus cd & when  I went to pick it up they told me they didn't have it --I was so mad but when they asked me for my name I had told them Lori Halford & not Lori Pippenger --don't know what I was thinking but they found my cd anyway --I'm too embarrased to go to that FYE again but there are other stores around & there's always !!
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[j_mags24] Friday, July 11, 2008 10:33:32 PM 
Just thought I'd share this story with u guys, and maybe see if you got one. I live in rural Pennsylvania, and a lot of people around here are not just typical rednecks (Nothin' wrong with that :P), but are really crazy prudes. Seriously, like total Bible freaks, stuff like that. People always tell me that I'm evil, they hate me, and say I'm gonna burn in hell, etc. Well, I decided to get back at them. At last years Prom, me and my fellow metalheads landed the job of DJ/sound equipment guys by just asking the school. HA HA HA. PERFECT. We had the plan all laid out - Start of with the crap they wanted, and then scare the FUCK out of some people. The first song we used was Nightcrawler. People were immediately shocked, and some ran out of the gym. They were yelling at us and shit, it was perfect. After Nightcrawler, we used Twisted Sister's "Burn in Hell". This was the big one. People were total freakin' out. One chick, a girl up for queen, was forced to tears.  I think she thought she was going to actually burn in hell or something, LOL. We got suspened, and can never go out without people yelling at us and shit, but it was well worth it, since we're all going to college soon anyway. Still one of the funniest days of me and my best friends lives. Like it? Hate it? Tell me, and tell me your own story

And yeah, I know its a little mean, but really, I hate these people that much. They can take their country music and shove it up their ass.
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