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Thank you
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Showing appreciation


[mgdman] Wednesday, July 16, 2008 12:34:06 PM 
Thank You for Your service to this country! Thank you for sharing your story with everyone. Good luck with the Axe take it from me it gets easier. Music can heal a lot and better our lives. Long Live the Metal Gods
[crypticangle] Wednesday, July 16, 2008 8:10:26 AM 
To all the haters & bashers of Judas Priest & heavy metal in general just read Staff Sergeant Jason Smith's story.
[ron h] Friday, July 11, 2008 12:31:01 AM 
[K2M] Thursday, July 10, 2008 11:55:23 AM 
Thank You. Awesome story.  The Metal Masters claim the heart and win the game.
[Mechinfantry] Thursday, July 10, 2008 11:33:57 AM 
Hello Judas Priest, my name is Staff Sergeant Jason Smith. I just wanted to

> thank you for

> your last album with the salute to the troops. I am a 38 yr old

> metal head

> Infantryman who followed you around in Texas over 20 years ago

> when ever Judas

> came to town. On my last tour to Iraq in 2005 I picked up your

> anticipated album
> and loved it. I listened to it and the good old albums everytime

> before I would

> go on combat patrols. Always kept me pumped and motivated to do my

> job and keep

my soldiers alive. While there I bought my first guitar, an old

> beater for fifty

> bucks and started to learn how to play with Judas Priest

> Tablature. It was the

> best way to relieve the pain and stress.

After I was injured and returned to the States I have continued to

> play and make
> feeble attempts at learning how to play like KK and Glen. But it

> has helped in
> my physical, mental and spiritual recovery. Have not been able to

> purchase a
> quality guitar and amp yet, but I will one day and your music will

> continue to

> make me strong. I am now stationed at Fort Irwin, CA and am

> waiting to retire in

> a few months and will be able to be relocated with my wife and

> children in

> Apache Junction Arizona. I sent them there 4 years ago due to my

> deployments and

> for my wife's cancer remission treatment. Your voice and the

> talents of the band

have influenced and inspired me through out the ages. Now my 17 yr

> old son
> Colton and my 14 yr old mezzo-soprano daughter Adrianna love you

> as well.  She

> sings for the Pheonix Girls Choir and I use your music to teach

> her how the

> voice can be truly used and how stage performance is supposed to

> be done.  Thank  YOU all. My personal Rock Gods!!!!!

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