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Thank you Dimebag Darrell
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[chiefmegadeth] Monday, June 16, 2008 1:42:50 AM 
It was about 7 years ago?''about that''
I remember Dimebag Darrell requesting Painkiller on my local Heavy Metal show.
It was the first time me hearing the Metal Gods,once the song started i was hooked
That song knocked me on my ass...The solo was amazing
Plus i was tapping it..on VHS ''haha so long ago''
Boy did i play that song and solo over and over again...
Rang my mates up,told them to come over the next day.
They also went nuts!
My first cd was there greatest hits double album.It was so good,then Britsh Steel and so on,
They are one of my favorite bands to this day.I got to say i love 95% of Judas Priest cds
Nostradamus is a really great cd 9/10 so far,Rob halford is my favorite vocalist...

I say this,and i dont care,Judas Priest are one of the only bands that can make me cry
They play from the heart.thats what does it for me that perfect solo or prefect melody.
just makes me shed a tear...

Top 3 bands
2.Judas Priest
3.Iced Earth

So Thanks to Dimebag Darrell my Metal brother! all my Metal brothers out there.
Ill see you at the Priest gig in Sydney Australia september 12!

Id like to hear about your 1st time hearing the METAL GODS!?

''Keep it Heavy''
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