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Nostradamus CD....what do you think?
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So what does everyone think about the new CD?

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[hellrider 31038] Friday, January 09, 2009 4:59:31 PM 

i guess some like myself need to listen to the album a FEEEEWWWWW times to appreciate it.

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[Bev] Friday, January 09, 2009 4:46:14 AM 

Persecution has emerged as one of my favorites too!  Pretty much sums it up, huh?

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[hellrider 31038] Thursday, January 08, 2009 10:16:08 PM 

well i have to admit after like 6 months im starting to dig favorite track MASTERPIECE on the album is persecution.

under the hand of persecution

defy the institution

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[SkyRideR] Wednesday, December 17, 2008 11:37:43 AM 
[SkyRideR] Tuesday, September 16, 2008 4:32:17 PM 
only priest did what they do with metal what music does with melody...
"nostradamus" is a definitive metal masterpiece!!!
a classic for the ages,
[Hard as Iron] Tuesday, September 16, 2008 3:54:47 PM 
Phantom, I like your break down very much, you put a great deal of effort into your analysis and I would have to agree with you. Although my favorites are different, I am in agreement with you. Especially on the italian part in PP.

It has taken some time for it to grow on me. I just relocated to Mesa, AZ from Maryland and the tranistion hasn't always been smooth, but it's been worth it! This album has been my guardian, I travel the freeways of Phoenix looking out at the spacious and mountain terrain and lyrics like the ones in Exile "Cross over the mountains......" give an even greater affect to the emotions one could posess. 

The song 'Alone' is one that I truely can connect with.  For anyone living in the southwest, listen to 'Dawn of creation' as the sun is setting, f*cking awesome! As to 'Prophecy' love it! Took awhile to grow on me. When I play it in the car, it's reminiscent of 'Waynes world' when my kids start banging their heads.

I know I'm babbling, but one last thing, Since Rob doesn't have the voice he use to, I think they orchestrated his octaves perfectly. For a bunch of guys in their 50's this is a true master piece.
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[Priest fan down under] Tuesday, September 16, 2008 5:03:49 AM 
Excellent album, best release since painkiller.
[IronJokk] Saturday, August 09, 2008 12:17:20 PM 
pleasently surpriced by the new album.
[Dime/UNDER BLOOD RED SKIES!!!!] Friday, August 08, 2008 5:59:20 PM 
Funny how that works sometimes.... you get stoned and or drunk and sometimes the music becomes alot more emotional. I smoked and a joint and listened to exhile and it just blows me away. Really fits for my period in my life right now though.
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[Starbreaker287] Friday, August 08, 2008 12:15:06 PM 
I liked it a lot better once I got fucked up and listened to it..
[tasnam1] Sunday, August 03, 2008 1:53:21 PM 
I can agree with a lot of your comments Phantom.

Best tracts:

Persecution, Alone, Nostradamus, Prophecy, Death, and i do like the Italian singing in P&P

Overrated-but still OK - (in my opinion) by other users on this board are War, Future of mankind, Visions, Revelations

I don't really listen to the slower ones too much, since I burned off a single cd for my car the next day that I bought the album.
[Phantom A6] Sunday, August 03, 2008 11:55:33 AM 


Songs - CD 1

Dawn of creation:
Wonderful Intro. Great feeling. Sounds very spacy.
If I think of "Prophecy", I think a little bit of "Fight".
A good combination in sounds of "Fight" and "Judas Priest"
The lead breaks are fantastic.

A real depth and width in the sound.
Great song. Great sound. Great voice. I loved him.
Perfect lead work. The real twin axe attack.
Perfect harmony section at the end of the song.

The four horsemen:
Pure middle ages. Where's my long bow? I'm going to war.
Brings memories of the great WCW "The four horsemen".
Theatrically. The battle sounds are incredible.

Sands of time:
Yes, "Fever" (depth and width). The Choruseffect is briliant.
Rob's voice is awesome. So many feelings.
Pestilence and Plague:
Good mid-tempo song but I don't like the Italian singing parts. Glenns lead breaks are wonderful. I loved the way
he's playing this once.

It's so amazing. Unbelievable.

I'm speechless. Awesome.
So on it's ok but I don't like the chorus so much.

Lost love:
Priest has better love songs. It's not my thing.
The lyrics are wonderful.

One of the best of this album and one of the best ever.

Songs - CD 2

Bring back memories of "Eulogy" again.
What should I say? It's difficult.
First time I can't find the right words.
The chorus is awesome.
Damned, this is one of "my" compositions - ha.

Good old Judas Priest stuff.
Can included in many older albums.

Shadows in the flame:
I'm surprised!
My feeds don't touch the ground. I'm not stoned
but I'm flying high.

Sorry but it sounds like a lullaby.
New beginning:
It's sounds more like Pink Floyd then Judas Priest.
Could be on "A momentary lapse of reason".

Calm before the storm:
Back to the roots.
It's the best of this album and of course the best ever.
Pure Judas "Fucking" Priest. It sounds a little bit
like "Painkiller".

Future of mankind:
Awesome! I'm in love with this song.
Harder stuff mixed with all this emotions
and all the harmonys.

My favs:

Future of mankind

Bye. Michael

[.] Saturday, August 02, 2008 11:11:51 PM 
A month and a half after the release, I still have the same opinion. The album blew me away, especially the first cd but I'm enjoying the second one too just as much.Persecution is my favorite now. The slower songs/parts have their place in such a long work though I'm more for the speedier Judas Priest. Throughout, Halford's voice is golden. The lyrics, well, it's about Nostradamus. There are many ways to telling about the power struggles between empires and the poor sods that get stuck in between. Judas Priest picked one and ran with it.
[Dime/UNDER BLOOD RED SKIES!!!!] Saturday, August 02, 2008 7:23:33 AM 
Man this album is almost to hard to describe everyrthing so kick ass about it. Its really an awesome look how Priest has adapted through the decades, but can dig back into its roots for a sound. This album really is an emtional album, its all about a dudes life, right. Don't see why there are some people really against it.  I think it's a really unique idea, even if i dont really have to much respect for the character the albums about.
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[Gorulya] Friday, August 01, 2008 1:04:10 AM 
This album is awsome...amazing.. I'm happy to listen these album more and more!
[MASI 73] Tuesday, July 29, 2008 12:43:54 PM 

Took me a while to get the Nostradamus cd out here, I didn't want to download it from Itunes. I collect cds and i wanted my own copy (have about 4600). I got all the metal I need here, (that's the one thing I can't do without).  When we roll out on long missions  I take the headphones and stick them on my headset mouth piece, that way the whole crew gets educated ( we only pause it for radio chatter).
JayDee is here too?
Anyway, thanks bro.

[tasnam1] Tuesday, July 29, 2008 6:01:14 AM 
No worries Masi73.

All is good on the PRIEST Noticeboard with me.

Do you or Jay Dee need any hard to get Priest to listen to while out there?
Edited at: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 6:01:42 AM
[MASI 73] Tuesday, July 29, 2008 1:35:20 AM 
Tasnam1/Jay dee, I want to thank you both for putting up great points on your post. I would like to start by saying that I did not mean to personally attack anyone. I am as opinionated as anybody on this site, what I had understood from those was a negative criticism that in a way had bothered me some. Reading it again and reading your sports example, it was spot on. I am happy that my (armchair analysis) was crushed so gracefuly in my (opinion).
thank you both for the smart conversation (I haven't had one in about 10 months).
[tasnam1] Monday, July 28, 2008 4:24:06 PM 
Thanks JayDee - I could tell from the moment we posted you are a true armchair producer/coach!!!

I am not even concerned with the lack of Nostradamus content regarding the current setlist. 
I agree with the other poster that made the comment about KK stating "not to play too much new content" because fans eyes will glaze over.

That is accurate and holds a lot of merit.

I like it a lot, and it has some "strong winners" (In my opinion), some "solid songs" (In my opinion) and one or two that are "fair fillers" (In my opinion).  
Nothing I strongly dislike.

I can understand if someone is a NOT DIE HARD FAN this would be a divisive album. 
(Not me though, after all I am the die hard fan.  Any Priest/Fight/Halford is worth it)

This album stands on it's own merits apart from other albums in SOME WAYS because of it's THEME.
However I don't totally buy into the fact that you cannot compair it to other albums entirely.
In other ways you can compair it to other Priest albums, because it is a Priest album in itself.
That is like saying you cannot compair sports teams season after season, of course you can.
True each season is different, but you sometimes discuss lineups and how each lineup compairs to the "current lineup" - and you are not even being critical when you do so.
But again I can understand why this album could make two sides.

Who ever started this thread about "downfall crap" perhaps is not a die hard fan; and I encourage people to stop posting on it so it will have it's own downfall.
I think we sould have a new thread that is more "global" away from this one album called:

"Priest Marketing - Your Opinion"
[JayDee  Jepsen] Monday, July 28, 2008 9:51:10 AM 
Great football analogy tasnam1.

Look!  The "downfall of Priest" is the wrong use of words however many of the threads and comments from fans point to the same basic desire to see JP have the cd sales and RIAA recognition that they had in years past but have the same frustration for the decisions they make when promoting their new material. Because of internet downloading, pirating, lack of radio support for new JP material- JP has to really put their thinking cap on when promoting their stuff. JP made a big internet  splash with Nostradamus but didn't fiollow up with good videos of their "strongest" (best) songs & only played 1 intro and 2 ok songs (e.g. Death) from their new cd-the one Glenn says he's 'most proud of'.  This tour is the time to play all the best songs from Nostradamus and pump cd sales, talk about the new cd during the concert get the fans excited and pumped for the future full Nostradamus show, make videos of the best songs and support video(s) by playing the song(s) on the current tour.

Poor cd sales = no future record deal with big companies like Sony- remember what happened when JP signed with Atlantic Records then had poor "Demolition" cd sales? JP was canned! Prior to Demoliton and after Pankiller, JP had record deals with substandard companies.

All of us want to see JP have huge cd sales, RIAA, and concert tour success but scratch our heads in frustration when the band consistantly shoots themselves in the foot.


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