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Van Halen Fans
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If you like Van Halen then this is the spot


[metaldog] Thursday, July 24, 2008 5:55:18 PM 
I went to see Ted Nugent at the Capital Center August 12, 1978 (still have the ticket stub) and some unknown band opened for him named "Van Halen".  Their first album was the best.
[EriktheRed9] Thursday, July 24, 2008 1:57:34 PM 
                    That lead in "I'll see the light tonight" is the bomb.Did malmsteen get with the ripper yet?And don't be smashing beethovan,the guy was def.duh.
[guitardude] Thursday, July 24, 2008 1:51:24 PM 
Malmsteen isn`t fooling me with his million notes a second playing,but I do like his sound when he`s actually playing the riff of the song at hand. Now as  for ,Lynch, there is a GUITAR GOD!! Without a doubt "The Man" to beat. He has been my favorite player for years. I keep thinking of joining his Dojo,but just haven`t been playing enough lately to justify it.
Back to the EVH thing,when you think about it Van Halen is more of a party band,(not that that`s bad) but Priest are a more serious band,yea you can have a good time with their music,but with the darker overtones,it`s different. Both kick ass,so I suppose it doesn`t matter.!!
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[TIMBONI] Wednesday, July 23, 2008 9:29:18 PM 
I was with you until you got to Beethoven.  I'd rather go with Mozart.
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[EriktheRed9] Wednesday, July 23, 2008 9:14:59 PM 
    what's up guitar dude....You'll learn a lot from VH but if i had a choice of a foundation to get better i would pluck Malmsteen runs out of the tablature with Lynch and Priest and definately transpose every thing you can from Beethovan by ear to guitar then you'll be smokin for sure......E.
[guitardude] Wednesday, July 23, 2008 9:05:40 PM 
Let`s compare Apples to Apples here. Van halen is a very different type of music than Priest is. Glenn and KK have never gotten enough recognition for all they accomplished over they years. Ed has. He is but one man in a sea of players,as are Glenn and KK.  tapping is cool,but over rated ,it is a mere trick to used to enhance the moment. I personally don`t care if one`s better than the other. I love Glenn and KK for the presence and power they convey,as it`s unbeatable! ed is more of a party guy that shreds the shit out of the neck of that guitar. If there were a proper place in Priest`s music for that kind of flash , it would be there.  Ed does it because there is room. Ed is why I picked the guitar,but Glenn and KK rocked my world only two years later when I first got wind of them. The rest they say "Is History"
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[EriktheRed9] Wednesday, July 23, 2008 1:12:12 PM 
                    Don't get me wrong guys, i don't dislike VH, i just think that he's over rated and i can't stand it when some guy sucks up best guitarist and keeps sucking it up when there were others that were noticably better especially Lynch at that time.I love Randy Rhodes but i liked Dave Prichard's style better and all these guys are dead now and it bums me out. Then ...there's Eddie posing with his little checkered jeans outfit with his little smile and half jump split....oh boy.....and i just saw Priest last night in Seattle and they smoked down the house so bad it was the bomb.I havn't felt energy like that in a long time and it took an old school band to bring it back.I could have stood there in the 4th row till sun up it was so kick ass.Priest has so many good songs that i have to honestly say that it is incredible.They have more quality hits then any other band period except for maybe Zeppelin.They could have played to sun-up and still had more songs to play.That out does VH by 10 miles,but i'm not trying to make this a competition,it's just that Priest is such a better band and they are uniquely defined within exquisite quality. My favorite bands are the ones who flow with galloping thunder such as Priest,ArmoredSaint,Megadeth,Wasted Years by Maiden,Neon Knights by Sabbath,Tooth and Nail by Dokken. I play lead and i'm damn good at it but i will never do tap ons ever in my life within my own style which is galloping thunder and soaring harmonic leads.VH can have the tap-on, i want nothing to do with it, but i can do them and some times i like to wip out Hot for Teacher just for fun, but to me the thunder is more serious and Eddie only brushes that once in a while.VH is in it more for the $$ not the Thunder, they are more of a pop metal band and that's not me.I am actually very picky within my taste of music which limits me to a point but i dont care because i know that nothing can take down the PainKiller not even VH......E.   p.s. KK put down a lead in Sinner that lit that place on fire and i never heard VH do one like that.
[K2M] Wednesday, July 23, 2008 12:00:16 PM 
Yes to the millions.   To the unknown shredders. To the wood shed closet kings. To those that dominate the neighborhood unheard.
[Phantom A6] Wednesday, July 23, 2008 10:59:43 AM 
Argh, another enemy of Eddie. OK, Eric, I'm a guitarist to and I can tell you that Glenn can play the hammering and the tabbing. And Glenn is one of my absolutly guitar heroes. But sorry, the tapping of Eddie is better. Why? He did it longer and he styles his lead-work for his own art of tapping. Glenn use the tapping otherwise. Tapping is for Glenn only a tool for his work. But that's not the think I'm posted. Shit on who's the better axeman. Both found his master in Rhandy Rhoads. There so many briliant guitarist livin' on the stone called Earth. And many of them known by no-one. And many of the professionals are pretty damned good. One like axeman A and hate axeman B. That's sad.

Bye. Michael 
[EriktheRed9] Tuesday, July 22, 2008 2:44:41 PM 
               Judas Priest smokes VanHalen so bad that how can squeemish Eddie win any guitar award over K.K and Tipton or George Lynch.This might be my opinion but i've seen Halen live and i'll never see them again because it's jock rock and Squeekie Eddie is just a trick guitar player with his little tap -ons that Glen can do so much better if thats what he wants.It was Jimmy Page who first did the tap -on even in the movie "The song Remains the same"if you pay attention to the flick you will see him do it and Eddie even had to admit he copped his whole tap-on style off Page.It just makes me gag all this VanHalen this and that over the years when Priest never got any credit back then and if you don't believe me then take this......Free Wheel Burning smokes down anything VanHalen ever did and that's old stuff,plus Ted Nugent will make Eddie look sad if it really comes down to it.......No more fake heros,keep it real.....Erik the Red.
[Great White] Friday, June 20, 2008 2:31:09 PM 

I saw them in December in Edmonton, the last time to see them before that was the 1984 tour.  Let me tell you that Diamond Dave, despite getting older, like we all have, can still kick ass!!  Nice to see them put the differences aside along with the big fat ego's and get along so the rest of us fans who begged them to get back together could rock out once more!!!!!

[ElectricEye4370] Tuesday, June 10, 2008 1:42:35 AM 
         Saw Van Halen last month at Madison Square Garden and let me say, Everyone sounded great..Wolfgang was awesome (not much of a stage presence)  but nonetheless can play that bass. Eddie made playing the guitar look easy,and David Lee Roth was indeed the showman...Alot of great numbers, "Atomic Punk" great, "Ill wait",just a great concert....Looking forward to the DVD......Oh yes Alex was great on drums... Sammy who? Michael who?
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