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What's the Most Metal Thing You've Ever Done?
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[kybo61] Saturday, June 21, 2008 2:05:09 AM 
I don't think I can outdo nandohendrix, lol... years ago when I was a career government bureaucrat there was this guy who was the supervisor in an office in VERY conservative southeast Idaho.  He was a native Californian who was a bodybuilder and went spearfishing in Baja on his vacations.  NOT a particularly  good social fit, to the neighborhood of devout Mormon farmers. lol.  He once showed up to a big meeting of stuffed suits one time, on his Harley, dressed to the teeth in full leather regalia.  I thought it was hilarious!!! 

As for myself, I've been to many many great concerts starting in 1974 with Chicago and the Beach Boys (I was 13 and went with my dad) and the last rock concert I went to was in 1990, Whitesnake.  Some of the best shows I've seen were Rush, Steve Miller, Blue Oyster Cult, Van Halen (with DLR), Scorpions, Mothers Finest, Frank Marino, Crack the Sky, Iggy Pop,  Aerosmith, Bad Company, there are more but I'm old and I smoked a lot of stuff back in the days so my memory ain't so good lol... 

When I was in college (in the 1980's)  I and 12 of my metalhead friends piled into my pickup and went to the beach (in Maryland) and had a 3-day beach party, complete with whiskey chugging, nudity and other activities.  Pictures were taken.

I've got a ticket to go see JP in KC on 8/1, come on out and join us!  98.9 The Rock radio station is going to be there celebrating 15 years of the hilarious Johnny Dare morning show, it's going to be a great party.
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