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Jugulator vs Demolition
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[Vinther] Sunday, August 10, 2008 11:29:38 AM 
I don't like either of them very much. There are some bad and some good songs on each of them, but in my opinion, only three of the songs are classics: Cathedral Spires, Machine Man, Lost and Found.

I think Ripper did a great job.
[Drums01] Monday, July 07, 2008 2:42:11 AM 
I think Jugulator is one of Judas Priest's best work. I wish they could record Halford's voice into it and release it again. It would be sweet.
[Redman] Tuesday, June 10, 2008 2:19:52 PM 
Each to his own then, because I happen to like Demolition  To tell you the truth, I've started to like Turbo as well... and I like i alot! I think it absolutely kicks ass. ALL the songs in that album are great. 

Yes, like previously mentioned, I do like Demolition. My favourites are ofc Machine Man, One on One, Hell is Home and Lost and Found... or actually, they used to be my favourites. They were the easiest songs to listen to, I guess. Hell is Home is still an excellent song IMHO. But I do like the whole album. Close to You has pretty nice lyrics... powerful lyrics. Gives goosebumps, you know. Great album. Jugulator ain't bad either. Not sure which one I like more.. right now Demolition, but I think it is only because I've listened to Jugulator more than Demolition. 

Burn in Hell and Bullet Train are my favourites from the Jugulator.
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[Jane] Sunday, June 08, 2008 12:34:08 PM 
In my opinion I don't like Jugulator or Demolition.  I don't like dripper owens voice. I have to say he does have a pretty good voice but we know who sounds a million times better!! I do like  a lot of other metal singers too but dripper isn't one of them.  I've heard both Jugulator and Demolition and they just don't do anything.  It's just blah. 
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