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[metalhellrider] Thursday, July 10, 2008 8:15:25 AM 
I love Judas Priest!!!!!!!!!  So can you please add a date for a tennessee show like in Nashville or memphis please!!
Edited at: Thursday, July 10, 2008 8:16:07 AM
[you-rock-dude] Thursday, July 10, 2008 6:41:54 AM 

hello i just want to say the new album is great!!!! very nice mix.

[yamil] Wednesday, July 09, 2008 4:41:49 PM 

Glenn i hope u get better  peace love an health 4 u 5

[yamil] Wednesday, July 09, 2008 4:32:49 PM 

Great Metal Gods (Rob, Glenn, K.K, Ian Scott) : i want to thank you for the new album nostrdamus... i cant describe it... perfection is not enough to describe this, i mean this album wow... i swear i cry when i hear it, i mean its extremely awesome! i swear that thanx to u i feel alive again... thanx metal gods i love you, you're the best of the best,  i just cants describe how much i admire you and i really understand ur music i mean woooooooooow!!!! you are just unbelievable you are not humans im sure you are GOD tahnx for bringing us ur music, ur style, ur perfection, your wisdom, i cant understand how do you do to have that greatness, i dont speak english well, but i hope u get what i want to say... i know u'll never die, judas priest will be remembered 4 ever and i mean 4 ever u have revolutioned the sense of music, you're 5 wise, strong, brilliant, inmortal, great, genius, creative, extremely inteligent wise god u r the best of the best..
and again thanks and take care ....   you 5 are unbreakable and allmighty ...                                                                

Yamil A. Habed C.

[QT] Monday, July 07, 2008 10:28:04 PM 
My Dearest Metal Gods,

 Since Nostradamus came out, on average, I listen to it 2-3 times per day. I fall alseep with Priest tunes running through my head and I wake up with Priest tunes in my head. This morning I had a very nice wake up to Conquest. I can't seem to get enough time to listen to Nostradamus.
It's A Pure Masterpeice!
I Love It!

Less then 3 weeks until you wonderful men get to make my dream come true. See you in Edmonton! I promise not to bite...Hard.
 My best wishes to Glenn. I hope your going to be alright. Get well soon.

  Love Tina
[Screamin' Demon] Sunday, July 06, 2008 5:32:23 AM 
Please come to Australia for the Nostradamus tour. Seeing you're doing a sorta mini world tour now, which could end in late October if you go to South America too, it would make sense that on the Nostradamus tour you do the same arrangements where you tour rather than touring USA & Canada 3 times in 2 years
[never_surrender] Saturday, July 05, 2008 7:27:01 PM 
Hi Rob, Glenn, KK, Ian, and Scott. I would like to let you know that I was able to overcome many tough times in life and am now reasonably successful because of the power and the glory of your music. With Nostradamus, you have created a true masterpiece and I keep listening to only this album again and again. Hope Glenn gets well soon and get back to his old glorious self to rip Albuquerque, NM and I will be there to witness it! Keep on 'Delivering the Goods' boys so that my grandchildren ( I am 29 as I write) could also have something to hold on to when things don't seem to be going their way.
[Drums01] Saturday, July 05, 2008 2:33:30 PM 
Hey guys! Hope all is going well. Glenn hope your getting better!!!! See you August 27th in Albuquerque, NM USA!!! P.S. Scott Travis is the god of drums!!!!!!! ROCK ON
[Danielle] Friday, July 04, 2008 3:23:03 PM 
Well, just a quick note to say I have a new favorite Priest album now; Nostradamus is amazing! I love so many songs on it. Being a fan of dark classical music, like Wagner, some Beethoven, etc, I really loved the operatic feel to the album. It is excellent. Great job guys! This was what I have been waiting for from Priest!
I am heading to your show in Vegas on September 1st. I will be in the box seat, (3-2) and it will be my first time finally seeing the mighty Judas Priest! I am sure it will blow my mind!
[spapad] Friday, July 04, 2008 11:50:54 AM 
Happy 5 year reunion Priest!
Glenn, hope you are getting better.
[codynstuff] Friday, July 04, 2008 9:44:22 AM 
Get well Glenn, you kick to much ass to be sick.  Priest rules! 
[helly666] Friday, July 04, 2008 6:36:53 AM 
i am dead since i have heared you werent comming in Zagreb,Croatia
please help me be happy again!
why dont you come after finishing tour..
seeing you was my biggest wish and ,Glenn,i really still hope you will understand that your sickness killed my all hopes and joy,so Please come back in Croatia,Please,PleasePlease!!!
Edited at: Friday, July 04, 2008 6:39:37 AM
[Bev] Thursday, July 03, 2008 7:23:33 AM 
 Sending well wishes your way, Glenn
[priestaddict] Wednesday, July 02, 2008 5:52:38 PM 
Get well Glenn!!
[SolarAngels625] Wednesday, July 02, 2008 3:31:07 PM 
Get Well Soon Glenn
[GRINDER *] Wednesday, July 02, 2008 6:45:05 AM 
Thank you for the show in Bologna!You're always the Metal Gods.Hope Glenn will be back with his metal health soon!

[Raven Darkmoon] Tuesday, July 01, 2008 9:50:20 PM 
Been a long time since I last posted but I wish all the best for Glenn and his family, hoping for a speedy recovery, take care Glenn and take the time ya need you've more then earned it over the years.

[Healer] Tuesday, July 01, 2008 8:49:44 PM 
[Rob Ward] Tuesday, July 01, 2008 8:28:54 PM 

Get well soon Glenn....

[Jeanine] Tuesday, July 01, 2008 7:10:40 PM 
Get well soon, we need your presence.
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