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The Deep Freeze Well Wishers Thread
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good thoughts for Freeze....lets keep the faith

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[TIMBONI] Tuesday, June 24, 2008 8:44:42 PM 
Hey Freeze !  Are you watching any of the College World Series.  Good stuff !  Go Fresno St !   
[TIMBONI] Tuesday, June 03, 2008 10:21:34 AM 
The only National League team I really pay any attention to is the Dodgers.  How could the Rockies let their team fall apart like that ?
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[Return_of_Darth_Painkiller_0870] Tuesday, June 03, 2008 4:38:02 AM 
Uh, Tim?  In case you haven't noticed, the Rockies are HORRRRRRIBLE this year!  Their pitching staff is the National League's equivalent of the Texas Rangers - maybe worse!
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[TIMBONI] Monday, June 02, 2008 9:59:01 PM 
WOW !  Did the Dodgers eat a double dose of steroid laden Wheaties this morning or what.  Third inning and they're spanking the Rockies !
[TIMBONI] Monday, June 02, 2008 9:08:42 PM 
Hey Freeze !  Sorry I've been a little pre-occupied lately, but between my Celtics making it to the finals for the first time in 22 years and my little league team, things have been pretty hectic.  We ended up the regular season at 5 - 4.  Not real great, but considering what I thought I had to work with at the beginning of the season I was very happy to at least have a winning season.  Then something happened.  I think that game that they were beating the 1st place team for a couple of innings with only 8 players really showed them that they were better than they thought.  They've been kickin' ass a takin' names ever since.  Last playoff game we were down 9 - 2 and in the course of the next 2 innings they pulled out a 10 - 9 victory !  At one point at the start of the rally, my son hit what should have been a single.  He rounded 1st base and stood still with about a 10 foot lead and dared them to try to throw him out.  He intentionally got caught in a pickle and beat it .  Thanks to an error at second and the fact that he's the fastest kid in his middle school ( in 6th grade ) he made an infield home run.  I'll kill him if he ever tries that again, but man did it get the team fired up !  The bats came alive and by the end of the inning it was 7 - 9.  They shut them down 1-2-3 and got back to batting and picked up the last three to put them away.  With everything that has gone on between inheriting the team to getting to the final game, WHAT A SEASON !  I'll let you know Friday who is the champion.  Keep your fingers crossed ! 
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