Press Release January 1998

BRUTAL .... From beginning to end .... is the only way to describe the NEW album by and the newest chapter in the continuing legend of one of heavy metal's most influential, powerful and defining bands of all time - JUDAS PRIEST.

'JUGULATOR' is a loud and proud statement about both the historic and contemporary value of a genre of music that has outlived and risen above the short-lived trends that come and go in the music industry, and about a signature metal artist that has as much and more impact today as they have has throughout their brilliant 20+ year history.

Founder members Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing who have always written and arranged all Priest material (and who do so again on 'JUGULATOR') continue their creative leadership on the new album. "We are ready to kick-start metal's return" states K.K. "Heavy metal is like a fever ... it's contagious and once it starts things just continue to happen". "We have emerged stronger than ever" says Glenn "with vocalist Ripper Owens adding a new dimension to the band we are unashamedly bringing a new level of heavy metal back to the fans at a time that is just right for our music to again impact the industry.

The story of Tim 'Ripper' Owens is already well known in the U.S. and around the world - a long-time Priest fan from Ohio, he spent recent years performing as lead singer in many bands, one of them being a Priest tribute band. After coming to the band's attention via a video of a live performance, he was invited to London to audition, and, after performing just one song ('Victim of Changes') he won the lead vocalist role in the world's greatest heavy metal band! Given the nickname 'Ripper' by Judas Priest members Glenn, K.K., bassist Ian Hill and long-time drummer Scott Travis after a spine chilling performance of that song at the same audition, he then went onto record the lead vocals on 'JUGULATOR' with a confidence that was inspirational to the band throughout the album.

Now more focused and unified than ever, the band are out there touring the world and proving that once and for all there is no metal like PRIEST METAL !!

This is just the beginning of the second coming - JUDAS PRIEST are back !!!